Early Childhood Education (Part-time studies)

School of Human Services and Community Safety Diploma

Program Overview

As an early childhood educator, you will support children as they learn through play. Your role will be to create developmentally appropriate curriculum and design inviting and effective quality learning environments. You will learn how to develop holistic programs that include early literacy and language, creative arts, numeracy, and open-ended play experiences both indoors and outdoors. Your responsibilities will include working alongside your colleagues to build relationships with children and families, community partners and other professionals.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic's two-year Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma program is offered on-campus in Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon, or through regional colleges or distance learning, wherever you live.

It is a highly respected program that integrates the most current research on early childhood education. Topics of study will include:

  • observation, assessment and documentation
  • learning through play
  • children with diverse abilities
  • child guidance techniques
  • family and community relationships
  • play environments and program planning
  • programming for infants, toddlers, pre-school and school-age children
  • administration and child care regulations
  • communication and employability skills

Build Your Confidence and Independence

Throughout the two years, you will have opportunities to work with children through four 4-week practicums in a variety of early learning and child care programs.

Through practical experience, you'll get the feedback you need to develop best practices, recognize stages of development, plan curriculum based on children's interests and needs and understand the impact of the environment on behaviour.

As a student you will participate in course work at your campus early learning and child care centre.

Certificate of Achievement (New)

Upon completion of the three courses (ECE 142 Health, Safety and Nutrition; ECE 106 Dynamics of Play [or Role of Play for ECE]; and HUMD 183 Child Guidance I), you may apply for a Certificate of Achievement from Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

ECE Certificate and Diploma (Previous)

Students who have previously met admission requirements and were accepted into either of the previous ECE programs have five years to complete. The previous ECE certificate program must be completed by 2025 and the diploma program by 2026. For students completing their existing certificate or diploma courses through PLAR, the same completion dates apply: certificate 2025 and diploma 2026.

You may contact one of the following student advisors for assistance in making an education plan to complete your program.

Part-time students who have a few ECE courses from the previous program and wish to transfer into the revised program may want to review the Equivalency Chart. You will need to speak with a student advisor to develop a plan.

Become a Level III Early Childhood Educator

When you graduate from the ECE diploma you are eligible to apply to become a licensed Level III Early Childhood Educator (ECE) through the Ministry of Education of Saskatchewan. If you plan on becoming a child care centre director, you must have your ECE III. If you are interested in going further, you will be able to transfer some of your credits to the University of Regina's Bachelor of Education degree program in Elementary Education.

If you have been admitted into the Early Childhood Education program prior to June 30, 2020 please view these course options.

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Students may take the following courses prior to admission to the program: ECE 106, ECE 142, HUMD 183.


Dynamics of Play 1 (ECE-106)
Health, Safety and Nutrition (ECE-142)
Observation and Documentation 1 (ECE-181)
Growth and Development of Young Children (HUMD-102)
Child Guidance 1 (HUMD-183)
Practicum 1 (PRAC-104)
Introduction to Early Childhood Education (ECE-100)
Effective Relationships in Early Childhood Environments (ECE-107)
Curriculum Design in Early Childhood Education 1 (ECE-108)
Curriculum Design in Early Childhood Education 2 (ECE-109)
Professionalism 1 (PD-100)
Practicum 2 (PRAC-119)
Responsive Care for Infants and Toddlers (ECE-202)
Inclusion in Early Learning and Childcare Settings (ECE-203)
Curriculum Design in Early Childhood Education 3 (ECE-205)
Observation and Documentation 2 (ECE-221)
Child Guidance 2 (HUMD-200)
Practicum 3 (PRAC-217)
Introduction to Administration of Early Childhood Education (ADMN-208)
Dynamics of Play 2 (ECE-204)
Anti-Bias Education in Early Childhood (ECE-220)
Responsive Care for School Age Children (ECE-226)
Professionalism 2 (PD-240)
Practicum 4 (PRAC-218)