Community Paramedic (Part-time studies)

School of Health Sciences Advanced Certificate

Program Overview

Our communities are experiencing increasing demand on health-care services where residents have limited access to the services required. That's where the community paramedic comes in. Community paramedics use their mobile care response skills to bring services to members of the community who may not be able to access available services otherwise. They work collaboratively with health-care professionals in the community to provide faster and more efficient health-care services.

The Community Paramedic advanced certificate program will enhance your training as a primary care or advanced care paramedic to focus on prevention, client education, geriatrics, palliative care, mental health and addictions, and chronic disease management. It builds on the on-site response expertise you have already obtained so you can apply it to caring for patients in their homes and community.

Community Paramedic is a 30-week program offered via a combination of online learning and hands-on lab and clinical practice experiences through Saskatchewan Polytechnic Saskatoon Campus. On-site labs and community-based clinical experiences will enable you to apply the knowledge, theory and skills you acquire in a variety of environments. You will spend 53 hours in hands-on, practical labs building your competency in specialized skills. During a clinical practicum, you will be able to use these skills in the real world. Your practicum may be completed in a variety of settings such as long-term care, mental health, community clinics and more.

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Students must be admitted to the program to take these courses through part-time studies.

To graduate and receive a credential for this program, part-time students must apply to the program and be admitted before taking the practicum (PRAC 189).


Geriatric Care (GERI-100)
Specialized Therapeutics (HLTH-100)
Chronic Disease Management (HLTH-101)
Community Paramedic Role and Prevention Strategies (HLTH-102)
Community Assessment (HLTH-103)
Mental Health and Addictions (MHA-100)
Palliative Care (PALL-100)
Community Paramedic Practicum (PRAC-113)