Roles/Responsibility/Ethic (NURS-1677)

When faced with an ethical dilemma, nurses are often required to act quickly. With a strong understanding of their role, in conjunction with the expectations of the professional regulations, nurses can make sound decisions. You will review the SALPN code of ethics, identify roles and functions of professional nursing organizations. You will also examine assumptions about diversity and the importance of maintaining a high standard of care for your nursing practice. You will review the rights of clients within the health care system and identify the related legal, moral and ethical responsibilities. In addition you will review the multidisciplinary health team approach, group dynamics, collegiality, leadership, and the effective use of feedback. Prerequisite: LPN/RN (You will be required to provide your license number at the time of registration.)

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Start and End DatesFee LocationCRN
April 3, 2023 - June 23, 2023
Registration Deadline: March 27, 2023

To register for this course you must be an LPN or RN.

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