Career, Aptitude and Skills Assessment Services

Career, Aptitude and Skills Assessment Services

Do you have employees motivated to develop their careers, but who need direction or an assessment of their current skills and aptitudes?

Sask Polytech offers a variety of career, aptitude and skills assessment services for business, industry, community and corporate clients.

Our skilled and qualified trainers can help you find and reflect on the information you need to make important career decisions based on your interests and personality preferences.

Career assessments can be offered to individuals or groups. Choose a group setting as a team building activity! Career tool options include:

  • Strong Interest Inventory;
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; and
  • Colors Spectrum.

Do your employees need to confirm, refresh or develop their skills to meet the challenges of their current or next job? 

The Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) provides the most valid and reliable information needed to determine their strengths, as well as specific areas to target for further training and improvement.

* Please note: The General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB) is no longer a recognized assessment tool and is no longer offered. TOWES is the currently recommended assessment tool.

We also offer psych-educational assessments facilitated by a registered psychologist, upon request. A psych-educational assessment will determine the presence of learning disabilities, and provide you and your client with valuable information on accommodations and strategies for success. This assessment may also be used to help determine the suitability of particular occupational choices and assist you or your clients to choose realistic options based on capabilities.

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