Are you a journeyperson, Red Seal Endorsed tradesperson, or working towards a trade certification? Thinking about moving up into a supervisory or management position or going into business, but not sure where to begin? 

Earning a Blue Seal demonstrates that a journeyperson has successfully achieved a reasonable level of education and knowledge in various business subject areas. Advantages gained from achieving your Blue Seal include learning valuable business skills and gaining management knowledge useful to furthering your career in the skilled trades.

To receive your Blue Seal, you must possess a journeyperson certificate in a trade designated in Saskatchewan and provide proof of completion of either an approved program of training resulting in a diploma or certificate or completion of at least 150 credit hours in approved areas of study (see Saskatchewan Apprenticeship for applicable study areas).

Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers the following online non-credit courses for Blue Seal Training (30 hours per course). The text book required for all courses is MGMT (most recent Canadian edition) by Williams, Champion and Hall.

Examine company structures and operations, finance options and tax implications.

Learn about types of leaders and help to prepare you in your role as a leader.

Explore the world of management as it relates to the trades.

Examine supervision, communication, conflict management, recruiting and training.

Discover types of coaching and the principles and methods of building teams.

Explore different types of project management from initiating, planning, controlling and taking it through to completion.

Examine the relationships between creativity and innovation, change and innovation as well as the roles of leaders and managers in this process.

Learn the skills necessary for effective communications in the workplace.

Explore topics related to creating and launching quality sales and marketing programs.

Learn about change management, team building, leadership, essential skills and management principles.


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