Saskatchewan Polytechnic adopts Canada’s new, official credential wallet for its learners and graduates

Image credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Agreement to implement MyCreds™, a virtual credential wallet that provides easy access to official academic documents

March 29, 2023 -  Effective today, Saskatchewan Polytechnic learners and graduates will now have 24/7 access to their transcripts along with other official academic documents through MyCreds™, a virtual credential wallet. This virtual wallet was successfully piloted with specific programs in the fall and has now expanded to include parchments, official transcripts, enrolment verifications and documents specifically required by international students including letters of acceptance and post-graduation work permit letters.

In signing the agreement with the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC), Sask Polytech becomes the eighth of 13 polytechnics in a growing number of higher education institutions in Canada to adopt MyCreds™. MyCreds™ is a national, shared service and platform developed by the ARUCC on behalf of member institutions. Through MyCreds™, learners will be able to securely and conveniently access and share their academic documents with other colleges and universities, employers and third parties. Documents issued through MyCreds™ are tamper-evident and cryptographically signed, making them authentic and official. 

“We are pleased to add the MyCreds™ platform at Saskatchewan Polytechnic as a secure, digital method for our learners and graduates to view and share their academic records,” says Sask Polytech associate vice president of Student Services, Alice Miller. “Sask Polytech’s learners and graduates will benefit greatly from 24/7 access to the MyCreds™ digital wallet. Thank you to ARUCC for its leadership in making one-stop, seamless access to verified documents a reality for its member institutions.”

MyCreds™ has distinct benefits for Sask Polytech learners and graduates, higher education institutions, employers, government and third parties. For learners, the convenience of continuous access and added security are improvements to previous methods of requesting and accessing official documents through email or phone calls. Sask Polytech and its peer institutions will also benefit from the added security of MyCreds™, and the new system will streamline internal processes for document processing and verification. Employers, government and other third parties will benefit from the confidence, trust and fraud protection that the new wallet offers. 

"We are truly excited to bring Saskatchewan Polytechnic into the MyCreds family," says Joanne Duklas, ARUCC MyCreds Executive Lead. "The number of Saskatchewan institutions embracing this new, innovative technology to deliver secure, privacy compliant documents and credentials to learners is astounding. It is important to work together through a not-for-profit, shared service model to advance access to credentials to learners instantaneously and on a 24/7 basis. We are proud to have helped Saskatchewan Polytechnic reach higher when supporting learners." 

Learners automatically receive information on how to access MyCreds™ by email upon completion of their program. Learners can also initiate a digital document upload to MyCreds™ in the mySaskpolytech portal under Enrolment Services. For more information about MyCreds™, visit the MyCreds™ website or Sask Polytech’s MyCreds™page.