MyCreds™ is a national, shared service and platform for issuing and accessing secure, electronic documents through a digital wallet. MyCreds™ was developed by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) on behalf of member institutions.

Through MyCreds™ learners will be able to securely and conveniently access and share their academic documents with other colleges and universities, employers and third parties. MyCreds™ also enables peer-to-peer official document and data sharing between issuing organizations such as colleges, universities and third parties such as employers.

Documents issued through MyCreds™ are tamper-evident and cryptographically signed, making them authentic and official.

MyCreds™ is the first and only national, bilingual system of its kind in Canada.

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What Sask Polytech documents will be issued through the MyCreds™ network?

Sask Polytech issues the following documents via MyCreds™:

  • enrolment verifications
  • official transcripts
  • parchments

Documents specifically required by international students:

  • letters of acceptance
  • post-graduation work permit letters

Sask Polytech is considering which other official documents to issue through the platform. We will update this page with planned additions to document types and timelines for release as decisions are made.

How does MyCredsTM work?

MyCreds™ is an online service. To learn more about how the system works including account creation, purchasing share credits, and sharing documents with employers and other third parties, visit the official MyCreds™ FAQ page for learners.

For specific questions about MyCreds™ at Sask Polytech, see our FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions

MyCreds™ offers many benefits for students and alumni, and for Sask Polytech, our peer institutions and employers.

For students and alumni the convenience of 24/7 one-stop digital wallet access and added security are improvements to previous methods of requesting and accessing official documents through email or phone calls.

Sask Polytech and its peer institutions will also benefit from the added security of MyCreds™, and the new system will streamline internal processes for document processing and verification.

Employers, government and other third parties will benefit from the confidence, trust and fraud protection that the new wallet offers. 

To access MyCredsTM, use the link in the email sent to your personal email address on file with Sask Polytech. This email will come from MyCredsTM.

Once you have clicked the link from the MyCreds™ email, follow the instructions to create a MyCreds™ account. 

Learners will be able to see that a document is available in MyCreds™ but are unable to view or share the document until credits have been purchased.

Learners will receive an email from MyCreds™ to their Sask Polytech email account as soon as a document is available. In the case of transcripts and parchments issued at program completion, this email will typically be sent within four weeks from the program end date.

For documents requested by learners, turnaround time is typically within two business days. 

Document expiration varies by document type as follows:

  • Enrolment verification – 120 days expiration from date of issue.
  • Letters of acceptance – Letter visible unless application withdrawn.
  • Parchments – No expiration.
  • Post-graduation work permit letters – 185 days expiration from date of issue.
  • Transcripts – No expiration.

If a learner has purchased at least one share credit, they can open and view a document at any time until it expires even if they have used the share credit. Credits must be purchased each time a learner wishes to share a document.

All document share credits expire one year from the time they are purchased. If a student purchases a credit but doesn’t share the document with an employer until day 362, for example, it will no longer be available for the employer to view on day 366 unless a new share credit is purchased.

Graduates from programs ending in December 2022 or later automatically have transcripts accessible through MyCreds.

Alumni whose programs ended between July 1994 and December 2022 can request to have documents uploaded to MyCreds by using the online request form in mySaskpolytech under Enrolment Services.

Digital documents for alumni whose programs ended before July 1994 are not available. Transcripts for any training prior to this date must be requested using the Document Request form (pdf) directly from Enrolment Services and may take longer than three days to process.

MyCreds™ is an additional way to access your official documents electronically.

Sask Polytech will continue to produce paper copies of documents upon program completion. These will be mailed to students.

Additional copies of unofficial and official transcripts can still be requested from Sask Polytech directly by logging in to mySaskPolytech and clicking on the links under Enrolment Services.

Letters of acceptance, enrolment verifications and post-graduation work permit letters are also still available and will be mailed or uploaded to mySaskpolytech per previous processes.

If you order a paper transcript, your digital transcript will automatically upload to MyCreds™ where you can choose to purchase share credits to view or share the digital copy. MyCreds™ is an additional way for learners to access official documents.

Sharing of official documents through MyCreds™ is learner driven. Once the learner shares a link, that link is valid until it reaches its expiry date (if you have set one, or by the expiry date set by Sask Polytech); however, the learner can revoke access at any time. 

Though not an app, MyCreds™ is mobile friendly and can be accessed from a web browser on any device.

MyCreds™ has its own FAQ page for learners with comprehensive information about using the platform including videos.

If you require further support with using MyCreds™ not covered in the MyCreds™ FAQs, or if the information on your official documents in MyCreds™ is incorrect, please contact your local Enrolment Services office.