Top 10 tips for Sask Polytech students this fall

Saskatchewan Polytechnic campuses are ready to welcome students to campus this September.

Here are 10 tips to help you prepare for the fall 2022 semester!

  1. Attend orientation! We’ve made it easy by offering Orientation 2022 in various formats to suit your needs. Go at your own pace with our self-guided orientation, attend a live Zoom virtual session, take a campus tour or join us in-person for orientation activities and events.
  2. Log into mysaskpolytech! mySaskPolytech is the place to go to view grades, access online courses, check email, pay tuition and see other personalized online services from Sask Polytech.
  3. Connect with Library Services and Learning Services to learn more about the learning resources available to help you succeed in your studies. Don’t leave it until exams!
  4. Coming this fall, download the new Fit & Rec app on the Apple App Store or Google Play! Watch for details on our Fit & Rec page.
  5. Be healthy on campus! Check out Sask Polytech’s COVID-19 guidelines and take steps to make the fall semester healthy and productive for yourself and others.
  6. Choose a locker and book it in mysaskpolytech. Find out more about locker rentals and direct locker inquiries to
  7. Decide how you’ll get to campus. Student parking is available with a daily, weekly or monthly pass, available on the HonkMobile app. Public transportation options are available to get to most campus locations.Visit Parking & Transit for details on parking access, maps and fees. 
  8. Accessibility Services is committed to ensuring that equal access for students with disabilities is provided at Sask Polytech. Students in need of accommodations are encouraged to register with Accessibility Services as soon as possible. Students with disabilities together with their accessibility consultant work to identify the best solution for academic success.
  9. Get social with @saskpolytech! Find us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube and tag us using @saskpolytech or #saskpolytech. See you online!
  10. Looking for more information? Check out all our Student Services and find out more about the supports we offer to make your student life a great experience! Our events calendar is also a great place to find out more about what’s going on at Sask Polytech. You can also visit the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Student Association (SPSA) website for student events!

Published Aug 2022