Deferring is delaying your attendance to a future intake. Students who are admitted to a program and have paid their tuition deposit can defer their admission to a future program start date. 

Students can only defer their admission twice. 

When deferring, students can only defer to the same program and campus to which they were originally admitted. Non-attendance will result in the forfeiture of the tuition deposit fee. If you wish to change programs while deferring, a new application is needed, and the standard application process applies.

Accepted applicants who have paid their deposit have the option to defer their application to the next available intake. You are limited to deferring two times free of charge.

Deferral requests must be submitted no later than the fifth scheduled day of the program. If students do not defer by this deadline, they will be withdrawn and the tuition deposit will be forfeited.

Effective January 1, 2024, the deferral fees are as follows:

60 days or more before the program starts 59 to 30 days before the program starts 29 days before the program starts up to and including the fifth scheduled day of the program
No fee $500 $1,000

International students may defer their studies up to two times. If students apply for a third deferral, their admission will be withdrawn, and their $10,000 deposit will be forfeited. 

If you decide to skip the upcoming intake and defer to the subsequent intake, that will be counted as two deferrals.

If you wish to defer, please fill out the deferral form below. You will receive a new letter of acceptance within 5-10 business days after your form is submitted. Do not complete a withdrawal form. Completing both a deferral and a withdrawal form will cause delays. Sask Polytech will process the program withdrawal, which may lead to losing both your application status and your non-refundable deposit.

You can defer by submitting the deferral form below. A confirmation message is provided on submission and follow-up upon completing the form is not necessary.

After deferring, students will receive a new letter of acceptance, and the student’s tuition deposit and any further tuition payments will be applied to their admission in the new intake. 

If students defer after seats in the subsequent program intake have filled, they may be deferred to the following intake. For example, if a student is admitted to the Fall intake, and submits a deferral request after the Winter intake has filled, they may be deferred to the Fall intake of the following year.

Defer an existing application


Many of our programs are in demand and have capacity limits. If a seat is not available in the intake for which you apply, you will be placed on a waitlist. If a seat becomes available, additional applicants are accepted with priority given to those on the waitlist. At this point, you will receive an acceptance letter. This letter will provide information about your learning experience at Sask Polytech including information about the non-refundable deposit, which is applied against tuition and fees.

Waitlists are not transferred to the next academic year. You must reapply for a seat in a following academic year.

Applicants interested in a future intake in the same academic year, must request that their application be moved to that intake for consideration. Once notified, Sask Polytech will move your application to the next available intake only if a seat is open for admission.


Withdrawing your application is a final admission decision that closes your application status with Sask Polytech. You will need to reapply should you wish to attend a program in the future.

You must withdraw no later than the fifth day of the start of the program.

If you have been refused a study permit, you must withdraw. To be eligible to receive your deposit back (less an administration fee), a withdrawal form and the study permit refusal must be dated within ten business days of each other. Withdrawal for other reasons results in your tuition deposit being forfeited. See section 3.0 in the Tuition and Fee Procedure (pdf) for more information. 

If your study permit has been refused, you must withdraw your application. Your seat deposit will be refunded (minus an administrative fee). You may apply to a Sask Polytech program again in the future.

If you wish to withdraw, please fill out the withdrawal form below. A confirmation message is provided on submission and follow up upon completing the form is not necessary.

Complete the withdrawal form

*Sask Polytech login required.

Alternatively, you can access the form from your mySaskPolytech account. For password assistance, visit Tech Services.