Required Criminal Record Checks are identified on applicable program web pages and in official publications. In some cases, a Criminal Record Check is required for admission to a program. In other cases, employers require a Criminal Record Check before a student may enter into a practicum, clinical setting, co-operative term or work experience.

Individuals who apply for a program that requires a Criminal Record Check must complete and submit the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Criminal Record Check form (pdf). Original documents provided by police service offices are also accepted.

The relevance of a criminal record is assessed by Enrolment Services in consultation with program personnel. If the criminal offence might adversely affect the learning environment, the program head may prohibit the individual from admission or completion of a program.

Generally, the criteria for review includes:

  • whether the criminal record pertains to program-related or campus-related offences, or violent offences
  • the length of time between offence(s) and the application for admission
  • the age of the applicant at the time of the offence
  • the efforts at rehabilitation and history of the applicant
  • any extenuating circumstances at the time of the offence(s)
  • the potential impact of the applicant on the educational setting, safety and security of the program

Applicants and students are notified if they have not met Criminal Record Check requirements. The contents of a Criminal Record Check are maintained in a sealed envelope as part of the student's official record.

Applicants and students are required to report changes to documented offences and offences that occur after submitting a Criminal Record Check. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate dismissal from a Saskatchewan Polytechnic program.