Student Awards FAQ

Student Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the generosity of donors and alumni, Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides approximately $2 million in student awards every school year. You can find more information about student awards and the online application, when available, on the Student Awards page.

About the Application Process

The online application requires you to select the campus you are attending and the program. Once you have selected those two, it will bring up a list of all awards that meet the above criteria, along with the award’s eligibility and selection criteria.

Select “Any Program” from the Program drop down list and it will bring up awards that are not specific to a program, but may have other specified criteria you must meet. 

Yes they are different. Your student ID number will be a 9-digit number, starting with 000. This can be located on your student card, below the barcode. Your email address will end with “”.

When you enter your email address, please include the full address, including

All information will be sent to your Sask Polytech email address. Please check it.

An incorrect email address will prompt an error message on your application, as the system will not be able to email a copy of your application to you.


If you are currently in a program and applying for awards, the semester you want to enter will be the semester you are in.

If you are in a program that is longer than one year, the first semester of your second year will be semester 3, not semester 1.

Your Program Terms
Semester Entered in Your Application

First year, First Semester

Semester 1

First Year, Second Semester

Semester 2

Second Year, First Semester

Semester 3

Second Year, Second Semester

Semester 4

Third Year, First Semester

Semester 5

If you are away on a work term or Co-operative Education, please select the semester you will be in when you return to school. Co-op Terms do not count as academic semesters, but are labeled “Work Term #”.

e.g. If your work term falls between academic semester 3 and 4, you will be returning to school in semester 4.

First Year Students

Please enter the 5 core marks from your high school transcript. You have options to pick your highest grade 12 Social Science, Science and Math marks, and then you will need two English/Language. If you are from out of province and only had one English, please enter that mark in both places.

We do not require you to submit a transcript, but if you need one to enter your marks you will need to apply for one to be sent to you.

First Year International Students

You will need to wait until your second semester to enter marks. Once you have completed a semester, you can enter the cumulative average from your first semester in the box designated for International Students

Second Year Students

Please enter your cumulative average from your first year of study.

If you are returning to school, but in the first year of a different program, you need to use your high school marks again. We cannot accept marks from other programs or institutions.


No, you can only apply for awards that are designated for your program at your campus. If your program is offered online or through television, you still can only apply for awards at the campus you are attending. If you are unsure of which campus you are attending, please contact Enrolment Services.


On our Student Awards page, you can “Browse Current Awards”. Once you select your location and program, the available awards will appear. If you click on the name of the award, all the information required for that award will drop down.

If the “Selection Criteria” only states Academic Achievement and Financial Need, no additional information is required. If any additional information is required, it will be stated here.

If you are required to submit any additional information, you can enter this in the Additional Information page. If you need to submit a scanned document or proof of membership, please submit this by email to with a note stating what award the attached document is for. 


If you did not attend high school in Canada or Saskatchewan, you can enter “N/A” in that field. Only specific student awards require this information, and it will be listed in the eligibility criteria. 


We cannot make any changes to the application once they are submitted. If you know you have made an error, please resubmit, and make a note in the additional information page that this is the correct application.


We update the financial component annually and it is based on the same figures that are used to decide your eligibility for Student Loans in Saskatchewan.

The financial portion of the application form offers detailed information regarding what is required from each student. 

Following Recipient Selections

You will receive a notification email sent to your Sask Polytech email address or your preferred email address. . This email will include the name of the award, the value of the award, instructions on how and when you will receive the funds, and a student testimonial form to fill out and return by email to

You can use the student testimonial form that is included with your notification email to thank the donor. Instructions are included about where to send the completed form.


Depending on the time of year you are selected for an award, the process and timing might differ.

  • If you are selected during our summer awards cycle, we need to wait for your program to start to confirm your attendance before we release your student award. This can take up to three weeks after you start your program.
  • If you were selected for an award during the academic year, the process takes about three weeks from the time you receive your notification email until the money will be deposited into your student account.

If you have paid your tuition in full and have nothing left owing to Sask Polytech, the money will be deposited onto your student account and a cheque will be mailed to your permanent address. If you have not yet paid your tuition, the funds will pay any outstanding balance first, and if there is a balance remaining in your account, you will receive a cheque for that amount.


It will take roughly three weeks from the date you are notified to receive your funds, but there are a few things that can delay our office being able to process your cheque.

If you have not yet supplied Sask Polytech with your Social Insurance number, you will be asked to provide this to Registration Services before we can release your funds. If you receive a scholarship, please contact Enrolment Services to find out if you need to update your information.

Also, please check on your mySaskPolytech to ensure your permanent address is correct and updated so we are sending your cheque to the correct address. 

Since 2019, the scholarship has been a needs tested scholarship. This means, only students with the greatest financial need will receive the scholarship. To do this, students will be required to apply for a student loan. Through the student loan assessment, students with demonstrated need will receive the scholarship provided that they also meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Graduated from grade 12 in Saskatchewan (including ABE and GED®) on or after January 1, 2012;
  • Enrolled at a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution in a program that is recognized for Canada-Saskatchewan student loans (certificate, diploma, and degree programs).

Request grants-only funding

Applying for student loans to access this scholarship does not mean you have to take a loan if you prefer not to. When you apply for a student loan, you are assessed for a mix of non-repayable grants and repayable loans. Since 2018, you can now choose to decline the loans and receive only grants.

Other program details

  • Students have up to 10 years to receive the maximum of $2,000;
  • The scholarship is available to both full-time and part-time students;
  • Apprentices are not eligible for the scholarship.

Where can I get more information?

Toll-free: 1-800-597-8278

Scholarships, bursaries and awards are considered income by the Saskatchewan Student Loans Program. There is an exemption for awards of up to $1,800 per study period.  If you have received a student loan, it is your responsibility to report the value of your award to the Student Financial Assistance Branch of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education.

You will be issued a T4A for the award you have won and will need to report this as income when you do your taxes. For more information, please contact the Accounting Department at your campus.