Dual Credit Registration FAQ

Your high school counsellor or principal.  It is essential your school knows that you are taking a dual credit course in order for you to receive the corresponding high school credit.

When you are ready to register in a course, visit the dual credit page  and select the course you wish to enrol in.  When you register, you will be asked to set up an account before completing the registration process. A confirmation email will be sent to you following your online registration.

When ready to register online through Saskatchewan Polytechnic, you will be asked for a credit card payment in order to complete the registration. Your school division may subsidize the course costs at their discretion.

No. If you apply to, and are admitted to a Saskatchewan Polytechnic program, and your dual credit course is a recognized course within that program, you will be awarded credit for your dual credit course. 

All pre-requisite information will be listed with the course on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic dual credit webpage.
Review the course information on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic dual credit page. Information on that course will also be included on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic program pages if you look up one of the programs that offers that course.
No. You must register in the specific course section listed on the dual credit page in order to receive the corresponding high school credit. 

Depending on the course delivery format, there may be some additional fees such as required books or learning resources. Please call the Saskatchewan Polytechnic bookstore call centre at 1-866-569-8398 and indicate that you are in a dual credit section. 

A day or so after you have received the confirmation of enrolment you will receive another emailed letter advising of your Saskatchewan Polytechnic identification number, username and the temporary password required to log in to the MySaskPolytech portal. Please keep this important information for future reference. Use this page for mySaskpolytech and online course support.

Once you are registered in a Saskatchewan Polytechnic dual credit course and have received your login information for MySaskPolytech (see #9 above) you can contact your instructor through your MySaskPolytech email account or from your course page.


Visit either of the two university websites and go to the transfer credit section and enter the course where indicated. 

Saskatchewan Polytechnic CAD Drafting Students are given information on how to download the software for use during the course. The licence is only valid for that time period. 

Generally you will be taking your tests at your high school as arranged by your high school principal. If you are not attending a physical high school, your school division contact will help you in arranging a testing site.

As you are taking a post-secondary Saskatchewan Polytechnic distance education course, the Sask Polytech instructor will not be able to communicate directly with your parents due to privacy policies

Saskatchewan Polytechnic dual credit courses offered through distance education do not have attendance requirements. However, there will be an exam and assignment schedule for you to adhere to. This schedule will be provided in your course information package.

Most Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses have a 50% pass mark. If the pass mark is different than 50% it will be stated in the course information package. 

The grade you receive for your high school “equivalent” course will be determined by your high school principal or assigned teacher based on the mark you achieve on your Saskatchewan Polytechnic course.

As a student, you can log in to see your unofficial transcript and marks on mySaskPolytech about 10 days after your final exam. You will need to print an unofficial transcript and provide that to your high school in order to receive the high school credit for your course. If you want or need an official transcript, you will need to request one from Registration Services. 

If you fail your Saskatchewan Polytechnic course your grade will be suppressed on your Saskatchewan Polytechnic records. This means that if you eventually register in a program you will have to take that course over again but the previous failure will not show up on your transcript.  Depending on your mark you may still be given credit for your high school “equivalent” course.

All contact with your instructor will be through your MySaskPolytech account so make sure you have followed the log in instructions in the letter mailed to you.

If you have any questions about dual credit contact the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Learner Pathways office whose contact information is listed on the dual credit webpage.