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Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Strategic Plan

Leading the rise

The value of a polytechnic education has never been so important. At Saskatchewan Polytechnic, we are bringing polytechnic education to new heights.

Our new strategic plan, Leading the Rise, sets the course for this institution’s direction for 2020-2025. It is built on a commitment to ensure that our graduates receive the education and hands-on learning opportunities they require to succeed in their jobs, in their communities and in life. We know that by empowering learners to realize their career goals throughout their learning journey—a journey that will last a lifetime—we can create a better Saskatchewan and a better world.

This is why we exist, and the foundation upon which everything we do is built. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is the driving force that empowers and strengthens our province in everything we do. We encourage an economically and socially stronger, more informed and better-prepared Saskatchewan. We realize opportunities for individuals (learners, staff, faculty, employers) and the collective — Saskatchewan at large. And through our leadership position in Saskatchewan, we establish our reputation nationally and around the world. We have an ultimate reason for being, which inspires not only our vision and mission, but hopefully everyone that connects with Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
Our vision defines where we want the strategic plan to take us. As we look forward to this new decade, applied education has never been more critical to our collective success, at home and around the world. Our leadership position comes from a drive to define the reputation of polytechnic education in Canada and establish its role in building a better future.
Our mission establishes how we will achieve our vision. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is passionate about creating an environment where lifelong learners gain the knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve and succeed at work, in their communities and in life. We know that by empowering learners to realize their aspirations throughout their learning journey, we are building a better Saskatchewan and a better world.




Leading the Rise: Bringing polytechnic education to new heights

This strategic plan builds on Sask Polytech’s strengths and successes and guides the institution’s direction for 2020-25.

miyo wâhkôhtowin/good relationships: The platform from which we rise.

The Cree phrase, miyo wâhkôhtowin, expresses the value and positivity of interconnectedness and relationships. This worldview represents the individual and the community, and encompasses the foundation of all we do at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. The groundwork for this strategic plan is based on miyo wâhkôhtowin. 

We honour this principle throughout every interaction, institutional practice, procedure, policy and service we provide to learners, faculty, staff, alumni and our communities. We work together to create an inclusive, collaborative and respectful environment in which everyone can grow, thrive and lift each other up.

Themes: Inspire. Invest. Shape. Lead.

Our themes work together in interconnected ways to realize our vision and ultimately empower a better Saskatchewan. These powerful tools act like a navigational point on the horizon leading us toward our next destination.

We support transformative learning journeys through applied learning and research.

  • Foster a culture of creativity and thought leadership by addressing the problems of the future.
  • Prepare the learners of today for success in the communities and economies of the future.
  • Lead the rise of applied, career-ready education and research to drive Saskatchewan’s growth and prosperity.
We invest in sustainable programming, infrastructure and skills to achieve success.

  • Foster a sustainable future through effective stewardship of resources.
  • Ensure physical and digital infrastructure support future-focused training and applied research.
  • Support employees with lifelong learning and career development.
We develop innovators who take on the challenges and opportunities of the future.

  • Empower Saskatchewan’s communities to lead, thrive and grow.
  • Strengthen collaboration with partners in future-focused sectors of the economy. 
  • Deliver innovative, market-ready solutions to employers through applied research.
We support a diverse and inclusive community where everyone belongs and thrives.

  • Recognize the interconnectedness of individuals, communities and natural systems through miyo wâhkôhtowin.
  • Foster a learning environment that is responsive to learner needs and supports learner success.
  • Take an active role in removing barriers to participation of under-represented groups.


Our values are what guide us. They represent who we are and how we behave in all our actions and interactions with every member of our community. Our values haven’t changed from our previous strategic plan; they’re enduring because they are true to us and we’re committed to them no matter the context we find ourselves in. We engage our community with Respect, Integrity, Sustainability and Excellence. This enables us to lead the RISE of polytechnic education at home, in Canada and around the world.

We support every learning journey, whether for our students, colleagues or industry partners. And so we show our care for one another and our workplace. We foster an open and inclusive environment that embraces diverse cultures, heritages and opinions. We honour, learn from, work with and support each other as one team.
We are leaders in the global polytechnic community, and as such we are honest and fair in all we do. We are committed to being accountable and transparent. We are truthful with one another. We hold ourselves to high standards of ethical behaviour and take responsibility for our actions.
We aim to empower a better future by leading the rise of polytechnic education. Therefore, we work, live and learn in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We support the health, safety and overall well-being of our learners, employees and partners. We are conscientious stewards of our resources and continuously look for entrepreneurial and creative ways to strengthen and improve our institution.
We aim to inspire success in every learning journey, which in turn inspires each of us to go above and beyond expectations to achieve the highest levels of quality — in our teaching, our programming, our learning and our services. We are able to do this by maintaining high standards, strong competencies, committed partnerships and by being responsive and accessible.

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