Rent Space at Sask Polytech

Gymnasium, meeting rooms, lecture theatres, lab and classroom space available when you need it! Rental space is available in our four campus cities: Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon. 

Features include:

Short and long-term lease agreements are available. Email the following to book:

Schedule of Rental

Classrooms or other rooms that hold less than 100 people $75 per day
Auditoriums or Cafeteria $300 per day
Computer Lab

$850 per day (13-20 stations)
$650 per day (12 and under stations)


$350 per day 
or prorated at $ 40 per hour / maximum of 3 hours
Macoun Lounge, plus set-up and cleaning costs $300 per day
or $40 per hour plus set-up and cleaning costs

Fees can be prorated over an 8-hour day with a minimum amount being $50.

Food prices from the cafeteria will be determined by the Program Head of Professional Cooking or food service provider for Regina Campus. Full rental rates for the facility will apply.

Rental agreement (pdf)

Additional Considerations

  • Costs for security, maintenance and clean-up will be extra.
  • Any room holding over 100 people will be considered an auditorium or cafeteria.
  • Approvals from appropriate department head from the area being utilized is required.
  • The campus facilities manager or designate is the contact person.
  • Contracts must be prepared for group/persons external to Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
  • Insurance - Users must have minimum $2 million liability coverage and provide a copy of their insurance certificate demonstrating proof of insurance. This applies to all groups renting the gym and/or rooms with the exception of federal or provincial government departments. Not-for-profit groups, etc. must also provide proof of liability insurance, even if fees have been waived. If the not-for-profit group cannot provide the required liability insurance, Saskatchewan Polytechnic will not allow for the rental of the facility or grounds.


Criteria for Rental and Fees Assessed

  1. The availability of the space and equipment.
  2. The relationship of the organization or person to Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the educational benefit of the event (e.g. Student Association events and non-profit organizations).
  3. The profile of the meeting within the community, business, industry, special needs groups and non-profit organizations.
  4. For groups or persons external to Saskatchewan Polytechnic, a Facility/Equipment Rental Agreement (pdf) has been prepared.
  5. The rental rate has been set unless the fee is waived. A rental fee may be waived by the facilities manager or designate if it is determined that it is in the best interests of the campus to host the event at no charge.
  6. Adequate insurance coverage is provided by the external person or organization.
  7. All extra costs for set-up, security and cleaning will be billed to the client.
  8. Revenue collected from facilities and equipment rental will be credited to the facilities manager cost centres or various cost centres providing the service or rental of facilities or equipment.