Research Ethics and Forms

Research Ethics Instructions, Protocol and Forms

Human Research 

All research involving the use of human subjects which is to be conducted by faculty, staff and students must be submitted to the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Research Ethics Board (REB) for approval. This is to ensure that generally accepted ethical guidelines are followed. These guidelines are outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement 2: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.

TCPS 2 Tutorial - Course on Research Ethics (CORE)

CORE is a free online self-paced course that features interactive exercises and multidisciplinary examples. 

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Research Ethics Board (REB)

This Board reviews all human behavioral and humanities research activities involving human participants either originating at Saskatchewan Polytechnic and/or taking place at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.
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The Saskatchewan Polytechnic Human Subject Research Ethics Protocol (pdf) includes the following information:

For research in progress or upon completion of research, the following forms might be required:

  • Adverse Events Report Form (pdf) A researcher is responsible for reporting any injury, adverse event or detrimental incident experienced by a research participant that is / may be related to his / her experience in the study. The researcher must report to the chair of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Research Ethics Board any injuries to human subjects, any unanticipated problems that involve risks or unusual costs to the subjects, or other adverse events resulting from the research. The adverse event may be emotional, psychological or physiological in nature.

Initial reports related to an adverse event may be verbal followed by a written submission using this form:

The researcher must promptly report to the chair of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Research Ethics Board any proposed changes in the research that would result in a significantly different involvement of human subjects. The researcher must obtain the approval of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Research Ethics Board prior to the changes being made, except where apparent and immediate hazards to subjects are eliminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to apply for ethics approval? 
    Review Guide for Determining if Ethics Approval is Required (pdf)
  2. How do I complete the application and where can I get the application form?
    Review Instructions to Complete Ethics Approval Application(pdf)
    Complete Application Form for Ethics Approval (.doc)
  3. What is informed consent?
    Review Informed Consent: Elements and Procedures (pdf)
  4. What is needed in the preparation of an informed consent document?
    Review Informed Consent Guidelines (pdf)
  5. What is available to assist me in developing an informed consent document?
    Complete Informed Consent Form (.doc)
  6. Is a sample letter of consent available?
    Review Sample Letter of Consent (pdf)
  7. I have more questions, who do I contact?
    Contact Jacquelynn Brown for any further information 

Please contact Jacquelynn Brown at for meeting dates and application deadlines. Allow a minimum of 10 working days for approval or feedback.

Animal Care

Processes are currently underway to handle this type of research.  Please contact Jacquelynn Brown at for current information.