Human Research 

All research involving human participants which is to be conducted by faculty, staff and students must be approved by the University of Saskatchewan Research Ethics Board (REB). This is to ensure that generally accepted ethical guidelines are followed. These guidelines are outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement 2: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans.

TCPS 2 Tutorial - Course on Research Ethics (CORE)

CORE is a free online self-paced course that features multidisciplinary examples. TCPS2 CORE certificates are required for any students or research assistants on an ethics approval application and strongly recommend for principal investigators and faculty members.

Application Instructions

Please refer to the University of Saskatchewan Human Ethics website to obtain the appropriate behavioural application, participant templates, amendment, renewal, and closure forms, and direct your submission to

Animal Care

The use of animals for research, teaching and testing is a privilege, one that comes with important responsibilities: to ensure that good science is done; to meet our ethical responsibilities for ensuring that every animal is treated humanely and not subjected to unnecessary pain or distress, and; to work within the accepted standards for experimental animal care and use. All Animal Use Protocols (.pdf) are reviewed by the University of Saskatchewan Animal Care Committee (UACC). For more information or to submit your protocol (.pdf), please contact