Tyren Habicht
Tyren Habicht

Tyren Habicht

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Program: Instrumentation Engineering Technology diploma

Tyren decided on a career in Instrumentation Engineering Technology a few years after high school. He heard Sask Polytech had a reputation for excellence in the field, so he applied and got accepted to the program.

In Moose Jaw, Tyren found himself at home in a close-knit campus community. “My peers were the best—we were like a small family,” the Métis student says. “The instructors were knowledgeable, always willing to help me succeed and easily approachable when I had questions.”

Class camaraderie is a memory Tyren will carry life-long. “The labs, especially, are demanding but you get to work closely with your classmates and instructors. At the end of the lab, you’ve solved a problem  together.”

Tyren took full advantage of Sask Polytech’s many student services, including library and learning services and student awards. Indigenous Strategy services played a big role in his success. “They helped me acquire funding and provided a community that I didn’t know was even here,” he says. “I encourage others to reach out to every available support. If I hadn’t reached out, I would not have done as well.”

Doing well in class was Tyren’s main focus, though not his only focus—he also managed to have a good time. “The fun I had with my classmates helped with the workload and stress of a very demanding  program,” he says. “And these friendships carry on to my professional career.”