Taryn Moyer

Taryn Moyer
Taryn Moyer

Hometown: Martensville, SK
Program: Veterinary Technology diploma

Taryn graduated from the two-year Veterinary Technology diploma program in June 2021. It’s a proud milestone—especially since the pandemic forced Taryn and her classmates to quickly switch to online learning at the end of their first year. 

"Online learning was a big change,” the Métis woman says. "It was an obstacle I had to overcome because it isn’t exactly the easiest thing. But I managed and still got good grades.”

Several things attracted Taryn to Sask Polytech. First, it was close to home. Second, both her parents had attended at some point in their lives. And third, well ... it just fit.  

"I loved being able to learn things and then have the chance to do them hands-on, the way they would be done in the real world,” Taryn says. She’ll use this combination of practical knowledge and hands-on skills as a vet tech in a small animal veterinary clinic. 

Taryn is happy to share some of the things she learned during her time at Sask Polytech. Her first bit of advice to future students? "Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. Instructors aren’t there  to judge you, they’re there to help you succeed.” 

"The more education and knowledge you can obtain in life, the better off you’ll be. Your program may be tough and stressful now, but it will be fully worth it in the end. Just keep going.”