Rebecca Tootoosis

Rebecca Tootoosis
Rebecca Tootoosis

Hometown: Prince Albert, SK
Band: Saddle Lake Cree Nation 
Program: Business diploma  

Rebecca finished high school at Sask Polytech’s Adult Education program in Prince Albert, so she’s familiar with the campus. Working after graduation inspired her to further her education and gave her an extra boost of confidence when she enrolled in the Business diploma program. She is a proud First Nations student and is hoping to use her education to find the career path she’s meant to be on, one that involves helping others. 

“My experience has been phenomenal,” Rebecca says. “I love the smaller classroom settings, the fact that students receive one-on-one time with instructors, and the amazing support we receive to help us succeed.” 

One of her favourite memories so far was the extra help offered by her ECON 120 instructor. “She went above and beyond to help students in her class succeed. During lunch hours and after school hours, she would stay to help us understand the material.” 

Rebecca is looking forward to picking a specialty in her second year of the Business program. She is also excited for future co-operative education work terms.  

As she pushes forward toward her career goals, Rebecca takes time to look back. “If I could go back, I would tell myself to continue on with education rather than working right after graduation. I would encourage others to continue, but I would be honest and explain my past choices on why it is crucial to continue with education. I would encourage others with unconditional support.”  

“There’s nothing to lose when it comes to education, only to gain from the experience,” Rebecca says. “Never give up.”