David Funk
David Funk

David Funk 

Hometown: Glaslyn, SK
Program: Instrumentation Engineering Technology diploma  

When David reflects back on his time at Sask Polytech, he says he’d do one thing differently. “I would be decisive and apply earlier. Two years prior to getting accepted, I was aware of this program and that it would most likely lead me to a fulfilling career. But the fear of leaving a stable job held me back.” 

David is referring to Instrumentation Engineering Technology, the only accredited program of its kind in the province. The three-year diploma program includes five academic semesters at Moose Jaw campus and three co-operative education work terms in real-world settings. 

“I chose Sask Polytech because it offers the best work experience,” David says. “Instructors really care that students understand how the material we’re studying applies to industry on a practical level. The labs strongly prepare students for what we’ll find in the workplace. The specialized education allows you to find employment doing exactly what you want.” 

For David, that means working with instrumentation and controls, from installation to calibration, maintenance, operation, upgrading and trouble-shooting. The Métis student is exploring a number of career directions, but ultimately hopes to work in the agricultural sector. “Having grown up on a farm, this program gives me a way to be connected to the farming industry while continuing to pursue a career in instrumentation,” he says. 

His advice to anyone interested in the Instrumentation Engineering Technology program? “If you have a strong desire to complete the program and put in effort to do that, you will be rewarded.”