Matthew Budney

Matthew Budney
Matthew Budney

Hometown: Weyburn, SK
Band: Cowessess First Nation
Program: Civil Engineering Technology diploma

Like many students, Matthew was attracted to Sask Polytech because it was close to home, had smaller class sizes and offered more one-on-one time with instructors.

Matthew enrolled in Civil Engineering Technology, a demanding program with an excellent graduate employment rate. In fact, the First Nations man began working at a Saskatoon engineering firm just weeks after completing his program.

“I’m doing resident engineering services for Bullee Consulting,” he says. “The company works closely with Indigenous First Nations and communities doing large civil works projects.”

Matthew offers some hard-won advice. “It may be really hard at the time, but there is an end. Attend class every day, listen to the instructors, try your hardest and you will succeed.”

He found his own success this way, but it wasn’t easy. “The first two semesters, I struggled financially, so I worked every weekend. The stress of the program was really high. I used the gym and fitness centre as much as possible to alleviate stress.”

In the end, he says the result is worth the effort. “I encourage people to take the first step, apply to whichever program interests you,” he says. “Sask Polytech has lots of resources and services available to help.”