Creedance Harper

Creedance Harper
Creedance Harper

Hometown: Lloydminster, AB
Band: Onion Lake First Nation
Program: Parts Management Technician certificate

Creedance has a clear idea of how she wants her career to unfold.

“I would like to start work in the city and eventually bring my skills back home,” says the First Nations woman. “I would like to start in the automotive industry as a partsperson and evolve towards agriculture and heavy equipment. My career goal is to complete the Partsperson Red Seal and become a parts manager.”

Creedance enjoyed the hands-on learning at Sask Polytech. “The work experience assignment was great. We visited three different businesses of our choice. I love the workplace environment in each setting.”

The First Nations woman found confidence in herself. “I encountered many difficulties—loneliness, financial setbacks, and independence. I overcame these hardships by using support services. I found myself becoming more independent by doing things on my own and was able to focus on my self-development.”

Looking back, she says, “If I could go back in time and do something differently, I would set realistic goals and work towards them. I would tell myself to be mindful of small achievements and be open to learning something new and growing with others that surround you.”