Natasha Tolofson

Natasha Tolofson
Natasha Tolofson

Hometown: Melfort, SK
Band: Ahtakakoop First Nation
Program: Business diploma, Marketing Specialty

Natasha, a First Nations woman, says the best way she can encourage the people around her is by setting a positive example and by simply being herself. She also says her success at Sask Polytech wouldn't have been achieved without the help of her instructors and the Indigenous Students' Centre.

"The Indigenous student advisor made me feel like I had already been here a long time and let me know I had support no matter what," says Natasha. "I have received two scholarships already, which help to ease the financial burden of going to school."

Natasha says these supports helped her turn a negative mindset into a positive one.

"It helped me restore a little bit of humanity. For someone who doesn't know me or relate to me, to be so generous, it opens your eyes to the kindness in the world. It costs zero dollars to be kind," she says.

As she continues to study full time to earn her diploma, Natasha has dreams to find work on the West Coast as she feels most content near water.

"I would like to work in a place that promotes goodness in the world," she says. "I would like work to be something I am passionate about rather than a job that simply makes me money."