Doug Tratch

Doug Tratch
Doug Tratch

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK
Nation: Métis
Program: Business Information Systems diploma

For Doug, a Métis man, attending Sask Polytech was a good choice for his career.

"It is a more informal setting than a university, it has a lower student-instructor ratio, it is based on practical experience rather than theoretical, and there is a co-op work term so when I graduate I will have experience."

But it is the student experience that made Doug's time at Sask Polytech a memorable one. As a student with a physical disability, Doug says he relied on Student Services to find solutions to a number of challenges, including finding a parking spot and supports for taking notes and writing exams. But, Doug adds, one of the best parts of going to school at Sask Polytech was the comradery he developed with his classmates.

"Everyone in the program shares the same classes and schedule so you get to know people quickly and easily. It is a collaborative approach at Sask Polytech so you can't help but get acquainted with students and staff," says Doug. "If I could go back in time I wouldn't have attended university. I would have come to Sask Polytech 20 years ago."

Doug says he would encourage anyone who is looking to advance their career, but are leery about the four-year commitment to university, to consider Sask Polytech.

"Just do it," says Doug. "It will be the best experience of your life. You will make great friends, learn tons of stuff and gather a wealth of practical skills."