Brent Halcro

Brent Halcro
Brent Halcro

Hometown: St. Louis, SK
Nation: Métis
Program: Instrumentation Engineering Technology diploma

Brent has already graduated from Sask Polytech once, as a journeyperson electrician with interprovincial designation in 2009. But after working in Alberta he decided to come back to his home province and upgrade his skills.

"I would rather learn in my own province and not have to travel out of Saskatchewan for school," says Brent. "I like that the faculty really want you to succeed and work with you to help you learn."

Brent, a Métis man, says he really enjoys the diversity of people at Sask Polytech.

"I really like being able to talk to people you wouldn't normally meet on a day-to-day basis and learn about other parts of the province or country," says Brent. "It's like oral history. I really like to hear what people have to say because it allows me to gain an insight into their perspectives and experiences. All of this reminds me of my grandpa and the lessons he taught me."

He says that when he was a kid, he didn't think he needed to go to post-secondary school. Often, in smaller communities, the assumption is that children grew up to take over the family farm or business.

"I was unaware of the various job possibilities that existed outside of farming or ranching. Had I known about these other options, I would have had the motivation to pursue and achieve more academically back then," says Brent. "Sask Polytech has opened more doors for me than I thought it would."

When he graduates in 2020, Brent plans on living and working in Saskatchewan's north, where his skills as an electrician and an instrumentation engineering technologist can support a growing resource industry sector.