Barry Lafontaine
Barry Lafontaine

Barry Lafontaine

Hometown: Regina, SK
Band: Gordon First Nation
Program: Steamfitter/Pipefitter apprenticeship training

Barry, a First Nations man, works hard at school to ensure he graduates and continues to build his career. But when he isn't hitting the books, studying in the library, or attending class he can be found hanging out in the Indigenous Students' Centre — often with his guitar in hand.

"The staff there are great," says Barry. "Nothing but help there. They provide support, encouragement, a warm voice and smile. It's good for the soul."

Going back to school wasn't easy for Barry. A disability makes reading hard, but he was able to get needed support through the on-site adult literacy program.

"Hard work really pays off," says Barry. "Going back to school was really the best choice I have made in my life. Anyone can change their stars with a little bit of work."

The most important part of going to school is being able to show his kids that getting a good education is important.

"I have to show myself and my children that it's never too late to learn. I want to let them see what I have accomplished at my age."