Jody Johnson

Jody Johnson
Jody Johnson

Hometown: Prince Albert, SK
Programs: Dental Assisting - Certificate; Dental Hygiene - Advanced Diploma

Jody grew up knowing about Sask Polytech - her mother has worked at the Prince Albert campus for nearly three decades. But what she didn't expect was how friendly and supportive everyone would be.

"At Sask Polytech, everyone is friends. Whether it's students from other programs or the faculty on your floor," she says.

"The instructors genuinely care about you and want you to do well... they have always been there for us, providing recipes for eating healthy, encouraging us to get out and be active, or just being there for someone to talk to and being a friend."

Jody, a Métis individual, says having access to scholarships and bursaries has helped her remove financial barriers to success.

"Having any amount of financial help come your way while you are living away from home and trying to afford school supplies, gas and even groceries is so helpful and has made my experience a lot easier and has lessened the financial burden on my mom and me."

When her diploma is complete, Jody will be looking to find work in the United States while her boyfriend pursues his own educational goals in Arizona. She adds, however, that no matter what, she plans on staying in touch with her peers from Sask Polytech.

"Lifelong friendships have definitely been made in my time at Sask Polytech," she says.