Clarence Morin

Clarence Morin
Clarence Morin

Hometown: Hall Lake, SK
Band: Lac La Ronge Indian Band, SK
Program: Media Arts Production – Certificate


If Clarence could go back in time and give himself one piece of advice it would be pretty simple: Work harder and keep going — you'll get through it.

"It gets easier when you kick it into gear," he says.

Going to Sask Polytech wasn't always easy for Clarence, and in December 2014, Clarence dropped out of the Media Arts Production program. But after finding a renewed sense of determination, he was able to make a comeback.

"No matter how hard you hit the ground, you'll always find a way to ascend and achieve what you put your mind to," he says.

He says without the help of the Indigenous student advisors and the support of dedicated instructors, he might not have found the confidence he needed to achieve his goals and find success.

"The people with the Indigenous Student Success Strategy are quick to assist you and don't take too long to help you figure things out," he says.

Looking forward to beginning a career in radio production, Clarence says future students need to know that they can't give up.

"If they quit, it will stay on their minds for a long time," he says. "Success means they will be lifting a huge weight off their shoulders and will have a better idea of what lies ahead of them."