Brielle Rae Perlett
Brielle Rae Perlett

Brielle Rae Perlett

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK
Program: Business - Certificate

For this Métis student, the goal was simple: Get a formal education and expand horizons. And that's exactly what Brielle achieved.

"I chose Sask Polytech because I wasn't going to be a face among a sea of faces. I felt as though the classes could teach me formal skills that could be applied almost anywhere," she says. "With a formal education, I feel more confident in myself and in my abilities."

According to Brielle, deciding to go back to school eight years after graduating high school wasn't easy. She says she had to overcome discouraging thoughts and find the motivation to take the chance. Once she did, she realized it was the right choice to make.

"I was set up with study assistance, counsellors, Elders, scholarships and a true community," she says. "This prepared me for success. My classes were small and assisted with making friends and great study groups. We all help each other and celebrate accomplishments.

She also made use of the fitness facilities to help keep her motivation up and her focus sharp.
"Being able to use the pool and exercise rooms before class always helped me wake up. I felt refreshed and ready to soak up information throughout the day."

Having recently completed her Business certificate, Brielle is feeling more motivated than ever and has set her sights on becoming a financial advisor in the future.