Talia Natowcappo

Talia Natowcappo
Talia Natowcappo

Hometown: Lestock, SK Band: Fishing Lake First Nations, SK
Program: Welding apprenticeship

Talia Natowcappo believes in making a career out of what you love to do.

"I've always known I was a hands-on learner, and the Welding apprenticeship is a promising program with good employment options," says Talia.

Talia, who graduated from Welding in 2016, attributes the positive experience at Saskatchewan Polytechnic to the fact that she wasn't given special treatment or treated differently from the men in the class, even though welding is a male-dominated field.

"I doubted myself from time to time, but the teachers never did," she says. "I felt important. I felt empowered and I felt welcomed. There aren't enough women in the trades these days and it makes me sad to not see my sisters."
Looking to her future, Talia wants to get her journeyperson's ticket so she can keep doing what she loves.

"I'm hopeful and ambitious... I hope to be back here as a welding instructor and maybe even be the first female welding instructor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic."