Marc Bernier
Marc Bernier

Marc Bernier

Hometown: Red Deer Hill, SK
Program: Media Arts Production

Marc Bernier, a Métis man, says an education is the best thing money can buy.

Over the years, Marc graduated from a few programs, including Retail Meat Specialist and Professional Truck Driving, as he looked to advance his career options. When an injury from a motor accident forced Marc to find a new career, he went back to school. Since enrolling in the Media Arts Production program, he hasn't looked back.

"In my second year, I started working at Sask Polytech," says Marc. "I've been employed at the institution for 21 years now — it's been a great ride."

Marc says he had to push himself to overcome a variety of barriers, including battling cancer, to achieve success and attributes the knowledge and expertise from instructors as a vital part of his education.

The best part about going back to school, he says, was being able to set a good example for his sons.
"My children saw their dad was in school and it's never too late to learn. That's what parenting is about — hoping they won't make the same mistakes I did," says Marc. "They both pursued the education they wanted and are very successful in their careers. I'm very proud of my two sons."