Jonathon Cook
Jonathon Cook

Jonathon Cook

Hometown: Southend, SK
Band: Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, SK
Program: Business

First Nations student Jonathon Cook is in his second year of the Business certificate program and couldn't be happier as a student at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

"This institution would really love to see you succeed and that's what matters to me as an individual," he says. "You know they care and would like to see you do your best."

"Education is the best investment you'll make in life," says Jonathon.

Leaving home was hard for Jonathon, but as long as he stuck to his plan he knew the periods of homesickness would be worth it in the end. With the help of the Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan, Jonathon was able to find a place to live, figure out a budget for the year and get set up for success.

"The program really helps you familiarize yourself with the institution. It's such a great experience to be here," he says.