Erik Mayes
Erik Mayes

Erik Mayes

Hometown: Whitehorse, Yukon
Program: Computer Engineering Technology

When Erik Mayes decided it was time to build a career, he didn't look for options close to home. Instead, the Métis man traveled more than 2,500 kilometers from Whitehorse to Moose Jaw to attend the Computer Engineering Technology program.

"My brother took the same program almost 20 years ago," says Erik. "I chose it because the career he has now is a career that I'm interested in too. Now, I have a much more fleshed out idea of my future career path — I know I will definitely work in the technology sector."

For him, the smaller class sizes and ability to have more one-on-one time with instructors made it easier being so far away from home. He accessed a variety of services, from Student Development to the Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan, to set himself up for success both in class and in a new city. Erik says the key to his success was his ability to persevere when times got difficult.

"The program is hard, but when you finish, you have an incredible sense of accomplishment. So don't give up," says Erik.