Karla Halcro

Karla Halcro
Karla Halcro

Hometown: Melfort, SK
Program: Correctional Studies diploma

Karla Halcro loved Saskatchewan Polytechnic so much that she decided to stay. Originally a Correctional Studies student, Karla was first attracted to the smaller campus size and the inviting atmosphere of the people and the building. "It seemed like a natural and fitting choice for me," she says.

A shy new student, "it took me a long time to come out of my shell," Karla says. "I had a great time with my classmates. They were all great people and together we formed a very strong team and environment." A favourite memory is of participating in the Louis Riel Relay. Despite being bucked off her horse in front of 60 people, Karla's team won the relay. "It was such a fun day, and I will never forget my team of awesome classmates."

During her time in school, the Métis woman discovered how much she enjoyed being part of the educational environment. "Amazingly," she says, "today I work at Sask Polytech as an education counsellor with Adult Basic Education. I felt like I wanted to work with and support other students in their programs."

"I will never forget my team of awesome classmates."