Joanne Cameron
Joanne Cameron

Joanne Cameron

Hometown: Duck Lake, SK
Program: Culinary Arts diploma

Joanne Cameron aspires to be calm, patient and caring in the kitchen, like her Culinary Arts instructor. Learning from this "genuinely good person who made learning informative, enjoyable and less stressful" is a highlight of Joanne's experience at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. The single mom of five also fondly remembers the Aboriginal Activity Centre as a place where she felt welcome and could de-stress from school worries.

"Being away from the kids early in the morning and late at night was a challenge, because I had to focus on my studies more than I focused on the children. That was difficult, but having my parents to help me out was something I greatly appreciated," says Joanne, a member of the Beardy First Nation. "I see the light at the end of the tunnel now. There are more opportunities on the horizon and a better, happier life for me and my kids."

That life could include Joanne's own business, possibly making custom cakes, or owning a pastry/baking shop. "Or maybe a food truck specializing in pizza making. For me, the possibilities seem endless now."

"The possibilities seem endless now."