Jacobi Herringer
Jacobi Herringer

Jacobi Herringer

Hometown: La Ronge, SK
Program: Business Marketing diploma

"I think it is spectacular to see what I have accomplished in only three years of attending Sask Polytech," says Jacobi Herringer, a Métis woman. "Not only do I have the skills and knowledge to thrive in industry, but I also have the work experience from my education and a new overseas marketing adventure waiting for me after I graduate."

Jacobi was accepted for a four-month work term as a recruiter and marketer for a school in India after graduation. Following the work term: an Asia backpacking trip, and finally, high hopes at home for a position with a small marketing company. Eventually, she plans to open a traveller's hostel in Saskatoon to give back to others what was helpful for her as a traveller.

As for advice, Jacobi likes this suggestion from a previous boss: "Always dress for the job you want, not for the job you have." And she offers this advice from her own experience: "Try harder academically and less socially. Knowledge is more valuable than being popular in a social group. Nothing worth working toward is easy. Persevere."