Erica Morin

Erica Morin
Erica Morin

Hometown: Little Red River Reserve 106B, SK
Program: Esthetician certificate

Erica Morin, a First Nations woman, always wanted to work in a job that didn't feel like work – to get paid for doing something she loved. For her, that job is esthetics, specifically serving Aboriginal people. "I feel that natives have a lot of self-healing they need to do," she says. "There are not a lot of natives who get to experience a spa treatment and I think a lot of healing can come out during a good body work session. I can honestly say this is my calling."

Erica got started on her chosen career in the beauty industry with classes in both hair artistry and esthetics. "I felt like I was a part of a family unit with both of the programs I took," she says. "My favourite part of my experience at Sask Polytech was learning new things every day. Everything was new, interesting and fun. I made amazing friends and I love each of them as a sister."

Despite significant health challenges, Erica was determined to finish her exams on time and attain her certificate. "I can see my future looking so bright,"she says. "I love working with my Aboriginal people. It's my favourite."

"I felt like I was part of a family unit."