Chantel Buffalo

Chantel Buffalo
Chantel Buffalo

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK
Program: Hotel and Restaurant Management diploma

Chantel Buffalo has a dream. In honour of her heritage, she sees herself at the helm of a restaurant serving Asian-infused Aboriginal recipes – think spicy Thai bison burgers, or wild salmon and Thai spices. The Kawacatoose First Nation student is already putting together a development plan for the restaurant she hopes to operate with her husband on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation after she completes her program next year.

"I strive very hard to get high marks," she says. "I want to learn everything!" Thanks to her academic standing, leadership, attendance and perseverance, Chantel was awarded the Saskatchewan Hotel & Hospitality Association President's Scholarship Award in April 2015.

During her studies last winter, Chantel endured the sudden and devastating loss of her friend to suicide. She missed three final exams while attending the funeral – exams her program head arranged for her to write when she returned to school. Says Chantel, "It was so hard going back to school, but she wouldn't have wanted me to quit – she knew how hard I'd worked to get where I'm going."

"I want to learn everything!"