Phlebotomy (Part-time studies)

School of Health Sciences Applied Certificate

Program Overview


Phlebotomists work directly with other health-care providers and patients, and in laboratory settings. You will collect blood from patients, manage and handle specimens, and perform its associated data entry. It's a job that requires good people and communication skills, attention to detail, a professional yet caring attitude, and a commitment to teamwork and excellence.

Phlebotomists are becoming more and more in demand in many areas. Jobs are available in hospitals, community clinics and medical offices.

Phlebotomy is a 28-week applied certificate program offered by distance education through Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon Campus. Labs and clinical experiences are a large part of the program, so expect hands-on training in:

  • professional practices;
  • infection control and safety;
  • specimen collection and handling; and
  • basic specimen processing

Specimen collection and handling includes two days of supervised clinical experience at various sites throughout Saskatchewan.

Put Your Learning to Work

You'll participate in a two-week clinical experience, scheduled consecutively and occurring within eight weeks of your last theory course. Your clinical experience may take place at various sites around the province.

Ladder into a Saskatchewan Polytechnic Diploma or Applied Certificate

You can transfer several Phlebotomy courses into Saskatchewan Polytechnic School of Health Sciences diploma programs, including:

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Professional Practices 1 (ETHC-185CE)
Infection Control and Safety (INFC-180CE)
Medical Terminology (MTER-180CE)
Venipuncture Practicum (PRAC-110CE)
Specimen Collection and Handling (PROC-181CE)
Basic Specimen Processing (PROC-184CE)