Phlebotomy (Part-time studies)

School of Health Sciences Applied Certificate

Program Overview

Phlebotomists work directly with other health-care providers and patients, and in laboratory settings. You will collect blood from patients, manage and handle specimens, and perform its associated data entry. It's a job that requires good people and communication skills, attention to detail, a professional yet caring attitude, and a commitment to teamwork and excellence.

Phlebotomists are becoming more and more in demand in many areas. Jobs are available in hospitals, community clinics and medical offices.

Phlebotomy is a 28-week applied certificate program offered by distance education through Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon Campus. Labs and clinical experiences are a large part of the program, so expect hands-on training in:

  • professional practices;
  • infection control and safety;
  • specimen collection and handling; and
  • basic specimen processing

Specimen collection and handling includes two days of supervised clinical experience at various sites throughout Saskatchewan.

Learning Environment

Students will experience a mix of web-assisted learning, home study, and practical and clinical labs. The theory components of your program are delivered by online distance learning which enables you to learn and study from home. You will be required to attend on- campus laboratories in Saskatoon on designated weekends (students will be notified of dates in advance). The clinical experience can be offered at various designated sites around the province.

For this program, there is a heavy workload with 15-20 hours per week of homework. Clinical experience hours coincide with health-care hours, and start as early as 7 a.m.

Theory courses: online distance learning which enables you to learn and study from home

Practical labs: Saskatoon (designated weekend dates)

Clinical Practicum Experiences
Clinical practicum placements (Monday to Friday) may occur at any approved site in Saskatchewan.

  • PRAC 110: Ten days of practicum (2 consecutive weeks) at various sites around Saskatchewan

Put Your Learning to Work

You'll participate in a two-week clinical experience, scheduled consecutively and occurring within eight weeks of your last theory course. Your clinical experience may take place at various sites around the province.

Ladder into a Saskatchewan Polytechnic Diploma or Applied Certificate

You can transfer several Phlebotomy courses into Saskatchewan Polytechnic School of Health Sciences diploma programs, including:

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Part-time students may take the following courses prior to admission, but must apply and be accepted to the program thereafter, in order to graduate and receive a credential: ETHC 185, INFC 180, and MTER 180. Note: Generally, all courses required for a program must be completed within a specific timeline, to ensure program currency and relevancy. The timeline is four (4) years for a certificate. See Policy 114 - credentials.


Professional Practices 1 (ETHC-185)
Infection Control and Safety (INFC-180)
Medical Terminology (MTER-180)
Venipuncture Practicum (PRAC-110)
Specimen Collection and Handling (PROC-181)
Basic Specimen Processing (PROC-184)