Visit Saskatchewan Polytechnic at Ag in Motion

Image credit: Ag in Motion
Image credit: Ag in Motion

This month Saskatchewan Polytechnic is excited to participate in Ag in Motion, Western Canada’s largest outdoor farm expo. Ag in Motion is located at Discovery Farm Langham and provides an opportunity for farmers to see the newest agriculture technology in the field, touch innovative new products, connect with farmers and industry and visit Sask Polytech’s booth to learn more about our programs and how we support farmers and the agriculture industry.

“Sask Polytech has many programs that support Saskatchewan’s important farming economy,” says Chris Thomson, Sask Polytech Agricultural Equipment Technician program head. “Programs that directly support the agriculture industry will be in attendance. Sask Polytech has a wide cross section of programs and courses related to agriculture, from agricultural equipment technician to welding; parts management to autobody and paramedics to nursing.”

Sask Polytech’s recruitment team and faculty from various programs will be at the Discovery Farm Langham site for the in-person event on July 19-21, 2022 with our mobile training labs. The mobile labs provide 1,100 square feet of shop space and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, tools and training aids. Welding and auto body (painting) VR simulators will be on board to allow visitors to test drive a new trade. Sask Polytech ambulances, tractors and Shell Eco-marathon cars will also be on display.

“Ag in Motion is a one-stop-shop to learn about Sask Polytech and career opportunities in agriculture. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Sask Polytech and your education options,” says Thomson.

Sask Polytech’s applied research initiatives also support the agriculture sector. Blake Weiseth is the Applied Research lead at Discovery Farm and Agriculture Research chair at Sask Polytech. This collaborative position provides Sask Polytech access to land at Discovery Farm Langham for field-scale trials and provides them with access to farming equipment. Over the past four years Sask Polytech loaned two tractors to Discovery Farm Langham to assist with applied research projects focused on how to manage soils impacted by limitations such as low moisture and salinity.

Applied research at Discovery Farm is meant to stimulate agronomic conversations and share practical information with farmers. “We have the ability to absorb a greater amount of risk than the average producer might have,” Weiseth says. “While using good stewardship practices, farmers want to maximize their return on every acre of land. They don’t always have the ability to experiment on their farm. We have the ability to experiment with emerging technologies and new farm management practices at Discovery Farm. Farmers can take what we learn and test it out themselves.”

Both Thomson and Weiseth will be at Ag in Motion to promote Sask Polytech programs and applied research findings. Sask Polytech will have faculty and staff in attendance including Agricultural Equipment Technician, Continuing Education, Parts Management Technician and Women in Trades and Technology.

“We often see grandparents, parents, alumni and future students at Ag in Motion! This is a great opportunity to see if Sask Polytech is the right choice for you or your family members,” says Thomson.

“There are lots of great employment opportunities in agriculture. There are also lots of opportunities for research in agriculture. I’m excited to talk to farmers about what they are seeing in the field and what their challenges are. I’m excited to connect with people at Ag in Motion,” says Weiseth.

Sask Polytech looks forward to attending Ag in Motion at the Discovery Farm Langham site July 19-21, 2022. Come say hello!

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Published July 2022.