Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Cyber security grad student turned faculty at Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Arun Kumar Sekaran is putting his training to work as a new alumni and instructor at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Sekaran began the Cyber Security - Post-Graduate Certificate program online while still living in India. As he completed his post-graduate certificate, an opportunity presented itself and he was hired as an instructor for the program.  

“I had planned to take another course but when I was offered the job I took it,” he said. 

Sekaran jumped at the opportunity to teach at Sask Polytech and was excited to come to campus for the first time. He laughs at this turn of events and is happy to experience campus as an instructor. 

“I began my studies when things were online due to COVID,” explained Sekaran. With a Bachelor of Computer Science degree and 10 years of experience in the computer field, Sekaran was looking for an opportunity to take cyber security training when he found Sask Polytech. 

He was accepted into the Cyber Security post-graduate certificate program, expecting to move to Saskatchewan to take his education. As with many things over the past couple of years, Sekaran’s study plans changed and he was able to complete his program virtually, without physically coming to a campus.  

Now, as his first year as an instructor comes to an end, Sekaran has many positive experiences to report. He has enjoyed exploring Saskatoon and surrounding area and is pleased to have met many enthusiastic students and colleagues on campus. 

Sekaran credits being an active, hardworking student with the opportunity to apply for the job.  

“Even with experience in the computer industry, I was able to learn a lot of valuable information when taking the course,” he said. “Cyber security awareness is very important and the course gives students the tools they need to excel in this growing field.” 

Cyber threats are on the rise and Mayra Samaniego, Cyber Security Post-Graduate Certificate program head said there is an increased demand for cyber security specialists in the workforce. 

“Our students develop the skills needed to protect computer systems against cyber threats as well as how to detect and mitigate these threats,” says Samaniego. She explained that the program includes security training related to applications, websites, testing, network monitoring, digital forensics and more. 

“The program prepares students for the challenges of identifying network and computer system vulnerabilities as well as the problem-solving skills needed to be successful in this field of work.” 

To learn more about this Sask Polytech program, visit Cyber Security - Post-Graduate Certificate ( 

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Published April 2022.