Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Sask Polytech Computer Engineering Technology students at the cutting edge of technology

“After seeing a robot in action, I knew the Computer Engineering Technology program was for me,” said Saskatchewan Polytechnic student Elaine Deloyola.

During a career fair, Deloyola saw her future instructor control a robot he’d built and she was hooked. Now, as she nears the end of the three-year program, Deloyola is putting those same skills into action.

Each Computer Engineering Technology student must complete a final assignment, known as a capstone project, that showcases the knowledge and skills they’ve learned throughout their program. Deloyola is pulling together the information she’s learned in relation to both software and hardware development to build a robotic arm on wheels. Similar to an excavator, the machine will hinge in several places and have the ability to move around under the guidance of one wireless controller.

Deloyola had some experience with computer equipment through working at her grandfather’s computer repair business; however, she admits she had a lot to learn.

“Voltage, amperage, how the currents work.... there was a lot of materials I hadn’t touched,” she said. Coding, which Deloyola describes as learning a new language, was also a challenge. However, her instructors were there to assist her along the way.

“The instructors are great at Sask Polytech. They provide a lot of one-on-one support. They are definitely there to help students succeed,” she said.

Throughout the three-year program, Deloyola and her classmates have had both theoretical and applied learning. In addition, students participate in paid co-op work placements which provide an opportunity to further develop their skills and make connections in the industry. Graduates of the program will obtain a total of one-year, paid work experience through the co-op program.

“The information technology field is continually developing,” said Shaun Nanan, Program Head of Computer Engineering Technology at Sask Polytech. “At Sask Polytech our instructors work closely to stay on top of trends to ensure students can meet ever-changing needs in the industry. We are committed to student success through applied learning.”

Deloyola encourages anyone interested in a career in technology to apply to the program.

“If you are up for the challenge, I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in hardware and software development,” she said.

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Published April 2022.