Horizon College & Seminary and Saskatchewan Polytechnic collaborate on new partnership and enhanced student pathways

A new partnership with Sask Polytech will provide more vocational training options for Horizon College & Seminary students

August 5, 2021 – Horizon College & Seminary and Saskatchewan Polytechnic recently entered an exciting new partnership that provides Horizon students with more vocational training options. Sask Polytech students will also have enhanced pathways into Horizon programs. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) also explores other collaboration opportunities between the two institutions.

"Collaboration is key to the future of theological higher education. Collaborating with Sask Polytech gives so many options to students from our diverse and expanding constituency, both within and beyond Saskatchewan,” says Jeromey Martini, Horizon College & Seminary president. “Through this agreement we will see students graduate with practical skills, solid character, and leadership competency, ready to serve in the church and the world. It's a win for everyone involved."

An example of an offered program is the B.A. Children’s Ministry. This Horizon 20-month Pastoral Leadership program includes a two-year Early Childhood Education diploma from Sask Polytech. Graduates of the B.A. Children’s Ministry program are eligible to apply to become a licensed Level III early childhood educator. Students would graduate with both a B.A. from Horizon and a diploma from Sask Polytech, opening the doors to either professional ministry or service in the public sector.

“I look forward to the collaboration between Horizon College & Seminary and Sask Polytech, and the ways in which we’ll be able to work together to increase student success,” says Dr. Larry Rosia, Sask Polytech president and CEO. “This agreement capitalizes on our unique strengths and offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance student pathways. We will provide learning options for students to benefit from the practical and work integrated learning which Sask Polytech delivers and the theological leadership training offered by Horizon College & Seminary.”

Another example is the B.A. Youth Ministry, which includes Horizon’s 28-month Pastoral Leadership program with a one-year Youth Care Worker certificate from Sask Polytech. Students graduate with both a B.A. from Horizon and a Certificate from Sask Polytech.

Horizon and Sask Polytech are exploring other options as well including a B.A. Christian Studies and Office Administration, BioScience Technology and Industrial Mechanics, to name a few.

This partnership is coordinated through the Sask Polytech School of Continuing Education. The School of Continuing Education brings together Sask Polytech's internal expertise to advance professional development programs, corporate training and micro-credential offerings. Courses are market-driven and regularly updated to reflect emerging trends and best practices.