Caribbean Military Academy and Saskatchewan Polytechnic partner on training for military and law enforcement

Caribbean Military Academy and Sask Polytech will identify opportunities for capacity building and joint program delivery in Jamaica

March 17, 2021 – The Caribbean Military Academy (CMA) and Saskatchewan Polytechnic recently signed a memorandum of understanding to partner on training. The CMA is the academic institutional arm of the Jamaican Defense Force (JDF) and provides high quality training for military and law enforcement learners.

CMA learners have skills, knowledge and abilities acquired through prior formal and non-formal learning. This training model will involve a combination of course work and recognized learning through Prior Learning and Recognition (PLAR) credit at Sask Polytech. PLAR credit assesses what learners know, no matter how they learned it. Knowledge and skills may be acquired through work, non-formal training, independent study and/or volunteer activities.

“Today marks the start of a very important partnership between the CMA and Sask Polytech”, says Brigadier Radgh N Mason, CMA president. “Both institutions share common interests in professional skills training and excellence and as such endeavors to make another step across borders to further invest in our institutional capacity. Notably, the partnership seeks to make good on the factors in the current environment that offer tremendous opportunities for research, the application of new technology, and new knowledge. Ultimately, knowledge, passion, and excellence knows no boundaries.”

“We are excited to partner with the Caribbean Military Academy to help their learners reach their educational and career goals,” says Dr. Larry Rosia, Sask Polytech president and CEO. “Sask Polytech recognizes the value of international collaboration and partnership. This agreement paves the way for the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired through military experience to be applied as credit for placement towards a certificate, diploma or degree co-branded by the Caribbean Military Academy and Sask Polytech.”

Collaborating together, CMA and Sask Polytech will create programing and curricula to address learning outcomes identified by the JDF. Preliminary discussions have identified the following Sask Polytech programs will support JDF training outcomes:

  • Leadership Skills certificate of achievement
  • Parts Management Technician certificate
  • Warehouse Worker certificate of achievement
  • Master trainer’s instructor program

Sask Polytech’s international framework focuses on enriching students’ learning and preparation for an increasingly multicultural global workplace, while enhancing faculty and staff capabilities through collaborations, partnerships and experiences. This framework aligns with both provincial and federal international education growth strategies and is positioned to meet the needs of industry.