Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Welding students showcase their work at Hannin Creek Education and Applied Research Centre

New steel gates and a bridge were recently constructed by students from Sask Polytech’s Welding program at Prince Albert Campus.  The gates and bridge will be put to good use at Hannin Creek, an educational and research facility just north of Prince Albert located on Candle Lake.

“This kind of project really gets to give students a sense of accomplishments,” says Rick Abdai, Welding program head in Prince Albert.

The 40-foot bridge, which spans Hannin Creek, replaces an old wooden structure that had to be decommissioned for safety reasons.

“Our students got to use what they have learned, from layout tools to fitting and finally welding. They build confidence when they get to use the skills they’ve learned in the classroom and see the results first-hand,” says Colin Cloarec, Welding instructor. “They always ask me what we’re going to build next.”

For the staff, faculty, students and partners who use the Hannin Creek for applied research projects and conservation efforts these improvements enhance the experience and ensure future work can take place in a safe and comfortable environment.

“The project benefits students from different programs in different ways,” says Scott Lipsit, program head for Natural Resource Technologies. “The welding students get involved in a sophisticated project. The experience positively enhances their learning outcomes. Natural Resource students benefit from learning their field competencies in a comfortable facility. Both leave a legacy for future students and programs.”

Welding students - Hannin Creek