Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Construction Week

Construction is the bedrock of the economy. Saskatchewan’s 11,000 construction companies and 56,000 construction employees convert business and consumer investment into productivity, assets, jobs, and growth. In short, construction develops plans and dreams into reality.

However, construction itself is dependent on the investment of other industries and consumers. Construction companies build things for others and struggle when investment in new building and renovation work is slow. With their work dependent on the decisions of others, it is challenging for construction businesses to plan for the medium or long-term: When and how do they hire? Buy equipment? Invest in innovation?

Thankfully, there is a solution to these challenges just around the corner. At our very own Saskatchewan Polytechnic, the next generation of construction workers and leaders is already in the classroom. As the science and technology of construction evolves at a rapid pace, these students are learning at the cutting edge. Ready to implement new processes and ideas in an industry that is traditionally slow to adopt change.

The Polytechnic is equipped to conduct world-leading applied research. This work can support companies and industries as they struggle to tackle challenges both big and small. Improving construction productivity, streamlined workflow, and better safety are all possible outcomes through engagement with applied researchers at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

While the future of Saskatchewan depends on a growing and robust construction industry, there is no doubt that the present and future of the construction industry in Saskatchewan depends on the Saskatchewan Polytechnic. For this reason, we at the Saskatchewan Construction Association and the Saskatchewan Polytechnic are proud to jointly support the 2018 Saskatchewan Construction Week.

Written by Mark Cooper, president and CEO, Saskatchewan Construction Association and Dr. Larry Rosia, president and CEO, Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

Published April 2018.