Image Credit: Wendy McCormick
Image Credit: Wendy McCormick

Cannabis use at Sask Polytech

The bottom line

Cannabis smoking and consumption is prohibited in all Saskatchewan Polytechnic buildings, facilities and on all properties. This includes designated smoking areas. Read our Cannabis and Tobacco Use policy and procedure #719 for more information.

Avoid coming to campus impaired

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is committed to the health and safety of our students, employees and visitors and to creating a safe learning and working environment. Anyone showing signs of impairment (from cannabis or other substances) will be addressed under the appropriate processes (Cannabis and Tobacco Use policy and procedure #719). A visitor that is showing signs of impairment will be addressed by Campus Safety and Security.

Cannabis for medical purposes

If cannabis use has been medically prescribed, processes under Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Reasonable Accommodation policy will be utilized. In these cases, students should contact their local campus counselling office. Faculty and staff should contact their local Human Resources office.  

Make informed decisions

The Government of Canada has developed a number of tools and resources to provide information about cannabis.