Wellness Steering Committee Update

August 8, 2018 - This May, Saskatchewan Polytechnic announced the creation of a new Wellness Strategy. Wellness is vital to student success and healthy workplaces. That's why Sask Polytech is creating a new approach to promote wellness across our campuses.

On June 25, July 5, July 19 and July 30 the newly formed Wellness Steering Committee met to discuss the new strategy. Sask Polytech is pleased to announce, based on the recommendations of the Wellness Steering Committee, the gyms and fitness centres at Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and Prince Albert campus will be reopening today, August 8.

The fitness centres and gyms will be unsupervised. Students, faculty and staff can use these facilities at their own risk. This is a temporary, short-term option as the Wellness Steering Committee is working on a long term option to best meet faculty, staff and students’ needs.

The Wellness Steering Committee will continue to explore a broad spectrum of wellness dimensions, including life, mind, body and community. See chart below for what each of these pillars could include:

Life Mind Body Community
- Financial
- Cultural
- Spiritual
- Safety
- Family
- Lifelong learning
- Life balance
- Psychological
- Emotional
- Resilience
- Intellectual / academic
- Physical
- Food / nutrition
- Substance use
- Sleep health
- Sexual health
- Environmental (built and natural)
- Career
- Social
- Volunteerism

This new wellness approach will evolve and require more conversations with students, faculty and staff.

If you have questions about reopening the gyms and fitness centers please email recquestions@saskpolytech.ca.