Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Image Credit: Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Student gains unique insights from RBC regional president

Job shadowing opportunities open doors

Kelly McIntyre, a first-year student in the Business Certificate program, hopes to run her own business one day. So when asked if she would want to shadow Kim Ulmer, RBC regional president, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Western Ontario, for a day, McIntyre jumped at the opportunity.

"Kim has a strong entrepreneurial background; something I have a strong interest in," says McIntyre. "I want to learn through her experiences and stories during the one-on-one career coaching."

On Thursday, November 16, Kelly and Kim met for a day full of unique learning experiences, career coaching and story sharing.  From collaborating with RBC community partners to engaging with RBC employees to exploring complex solutions for clients, Kelly had the opportunity to experience firsthand the diverse and unique role and responsibilities of an executive leader. 

"I got to see a lot of different career paths, not just in banking, but the umbrella under that and the pathways you can take to get there," says McIntyre. "The networking is so extensive in an experience like this. The people I met today, not just from RBC but also from Sask Polytech, open up a lot of doors. That’s something I’m really excited about."

For Ulmer, a Sask Polytech alumnus, the experience ties into the spirit of RBC Future Launch - a 10 year, $500 million commitment by RBC to help young Canadians access meaningful work and thrive through the providing of knowledge networks, co-op experiences, and the development of 21st century skills.

"I had an amazing day with Kelly, a young woman who recognizes she has an entrepreneurial spirit and she wants to become a business owner," says Ulmer. "I learned as much, if not more, from her than she may have learned from me."

Ulmer says mentorship provides as many learning opportunities for the mentor as they do for the mentee.

"The day we had together was inspiring. Opportunities like this further enables us at RBC to understand what the next generation is looking for in a career including the skill development and experiences that we need to provide as an employer," says Ulmer.

For McIntyre, its hands-on experiences such as this one that provides the true value of an education at Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

"Students who are offered an opportunity like this should not shy away from it. Jump on that opportunity and go for it, you won’t regret it," says McIntyre.

Published November 2017.