Image Credit: Adam Scotti
Image Credit: Adam Scotti

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits YWCA Trade Journey students

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On April 27 The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, met with women from the YWCA Trade Journey program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon Campus, Alberta Ave. The YWCA Trade Journey is a pre-trades program that helps women prepare for success in their trade of choice. 

Prime Minister Trudeau spent the afternoon learning about plumbing through hands-on demonstrations by the YWCA Trade Journey students. He was generous with his time, speaking with each of the Trade Journey students, instructors and guests. After his visit, Prime Minister Trudeau tweeted, "Glad to meet women training for trades today at SaskPolytech. Thanks for trusting me with that blowtorch..."

"For the YWCA board and staff, Prime Minister Trudeau's visit means we are on the right track with our programming," shares Shannon Zook, YWCA Saskatoon executive director. "We hope this milestone visit will help us secure sustainable funding for the YWCA Trade Journey program. Our goal is for this pilot to become one of our core programs."

YWCA Saskatoon partners with the Saskatoon Construction Association and Saskatchewan Polytechnic to deliver the Trade Journey program. This program provides hands-on, applied learning for women 18 and older interested in pursuing a career in a construction, carpentry, plumbing or electrical trade.

"We were honoured to have Prime Minister Trudeau stop by our Alberta Avenue Campus for a YWCA event," shares Dr. Larry Rosia, Sask Polytech president and CEO.  "One of our goals is to bridge the employment gap between men and women in trade careers.  This includes our partnership with YWCA Saskatoon and their Trade Journey program, as well as our Women in Trades and Technologies programs, which support girls and women interested in entering these careers."

The YWCA Trade Journey covers everything from an introduction to specific trades, physical fitness training, tours of construction work sites, safety training and the use of basic hand tools. The program provides skills training, mentorship, professional development and work placements for women who want a career in the trades. There are three phases to the program including employment preparation, employment search and ongoing support as Trade Journey women work towards their apprenticeship.

For more information about the YWCA Trade Journey program visit or contact YWCA Saskatoon at 306-244-7034 (ext.231) or